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501(c)(3) — We Did It!

Update on May 2, 2022

Dear Community,

We are pleased to share with you news that we have successfully procured a 501(c)(3) filing status under The Christina Alliance, Inc., which means all of your donations, past and future, are tax deductible for you. We thank each and every last one of you for helping us to build a lasting legacy for Christina. Through The Christina Alliance, we will continue the work that we started here together and aim to provide meaningful action.

We cannot change the past, but we can do our part to affect the future. Christina’s favorite mantras were “You catch more flies with honey” and “Kill ‘em with kindness,” and she really lived her life by those philosophies. Let’s all do a little better to lead with kindness and leave the world better than we found it. That’s what Christina would have wanted.

Please continue to visit for updates on upcoming events and how you can continue to support and donate to The Christina Alliance. For a short time, we will continue to receive donations via our Gofundme campaign.

Thank you,

Angela Yujin Lee on behalf of the Lee Family

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