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A Letter to Our Community and Next Steps

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Update on March 27, 2022

Dear Community,

Words can never be sufficient to thank you for your generosity and show of support for Christina. It is because of all of you that our family has found some notion of peace in the nightmare of our present. Every penny contributed to Christina’s fund added a stitch in mending our broken hearts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Today, we decided to close the funnels of this Gofundme campaign and get to work on our next steps. We are applying for a 501(c)(3) (nonprofit status), which will make all of your donations tax-deductible for you. Procuring a 501(c)(3) status will also allow us to further the amazing work that we started together to raise even more funds for organizations like Womankind, Planned Parenthood, Elizabeth Street Garden and Safewalks, plus so many others with causes that were important to Christina.

The Christina Alliance will strive to bring awareness to broken ideologies, especially in ensuring that nothing like what happened to our beloved Christina will happen to anyone else ever again. Please visit our website and make sure to keep an eye on our events calendar for more ways to support The Christina Alliance.

Christina had no ego, only love, and she would give each and every one of you a big kiss and a hug for no reason at all if she could and then invite you to dance. So have a dance, for no reason at all, in honor of Christina.

Thank you,

Angela Yujin Lee on behalf of the Lee Family

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